Thursday, June 24, 2010

Video of the drum machines used to create TDM Vol 3.

Excuse the poor audio quality. 128 mp3 just doesn't sound good on bass heavy, sparse audio.

You can hear better audio demos on the product page:


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tape Drum Machines Vol 3 is ready! Plus free Rex files.

Tape Drum Machines Vol 3

What is this product?
12 x Drum Machines give tape love by...
3 x Tape Machines
and 1 analog tape emulator (UBK Fatso)

Who is it for?
Anyone looking for drums with mojo or a retro vibe. Vintage analog and digital drum machines connoisseurs. Producers looking for punchy and solid drum sounds.

Could be used in: Hip Hop, House, Drum & Bass, Techno, Dub Step, Electronica, Electro...

What drum machines were used?
RZ-1, TR-55, XD-5, MFB-522, DDM-110, DDM-220,
DPM-48, RX-21L, R-100, ED-10, PB-300 and the DSM-1.

What formats are supported?
Battery 3 and up, Guru and Wav Pack.

Check out the product page for audio demos and more info:


Free Rex files

Here are some Rex files I created using the TR55 and PB300.
You can download them here:


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tape Drum Machines Vol 3 is nearly ready! Check out some audio demos...

Tape Drum Machines Vol 3 is almost ready for release!

While you are waiting check out some audio demos... and a PDF book containing pictures and info on the gear used.

Audio demos:

PDF book: