Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Goldbaby - SP1200 Vol 2 released. Plus free sample pack Xmas gift...

The SP1200 Vol 2 is the next installment of killer samples from the SP1200 and SP12. The legendary grit and warmth of these samplers gives this sample pack a very distinctive character. This time round I have fed these beasts: drum machines (TR707,727,Linn LM2, DMX and more), vinyl, real drums, synths, perc and FX. Lots of variety and a few surprises await.

1542 x 24 bit samples... all dripping with the SP magic. Crunchy, warm, punchy, dirty...

Great for Hip Hop, Dub Step, Grime, Drum & Bass, Breaks... even House and Techno.

For more info and audio demos:


Free sample pack! Xmas Gift 2010

105 x 24 bit wav
Sampled through the SP1200
Vinyl hits and drum machines all given some 12 bit drum sampler love!

These samples are not in the SP1200 Vol 2.

Merry Xmas:

- Hugo

Thursday, November 25, 2010

New website, free sample pack and a discount!

To celebrate the re-design of Goldbaby's site I have created a free sample pack...

Plus a 10% discount on everything until the end of this month... use this coupon code: NEWWEBSITEDISCOUNT

Free sample pack: GBfree Nov2010

This pack contains: Drum samples made using U-he's Ace synth with a bit of analog outboard. Plus some glitchy fx made using Audio Damage plug-ins.
81 x 24 bit wavs (drum hits & FX) 9 MB. Includes Guru and Battery patches

Here is a demo beat I did using the samples in Guru:

You can find the download at the top of the free page of the new site:

Check out Ace:

Check out Audio Damage plug-ins:


The Goldbaby web site has had a well overdue face-lift. With a much cleaner design and newly implemented shopping cart system.

So feel free to visit and have a look around.

- Hugo

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

iAm-MS20 for Kontakt and ESX24... plus free sample pack!

For Kontakt and EXS24

Legendary vintage analog synth the MS20 is a very special instrument. With loads of character and quirky controls, it has become a very sought after synth for its raw upfront sound and incredibly creative options for editing...After finally finding a great example of this synth... it was put through it's paces and recorded via various tasty bits of studio hardware... things like the UBK Fatso, Otari 1/4 inch tape machine, Great River Harrison EQ32 (eq), A-Design EM-PEQ (eq), Boss Dimension C, E-MU E4XT, Mutronics Mutator... A great deal of time and experimentation went into the development of this product. The result... fantastic sampled instruments with the raw power and unique character that the MS20 is renowned for...

For more info and audio demos:


Free Sample pack - iAmDrum-MS20-free

The Korg MS20 has the ability to process external audio. It can also convert audio to CV and trigger signals! So this is the basis of my latest freebie. Various drums with MS20 love... includes some glitch stuff.

Best Regards

Thursday, September 9, 2010

SuperAnalog808 update for Battery and Kontakt.

After getting some great advice from Native Instruments... I have improved the Round Robin editing in the Battery and Kontakt patches of the SuperAnalog808.

If you have bought the SuperAnalog808 and use it in Battery and/or Kontakt I would recommend downloading this free update:

Once you have downloaded, un-zip and replace the patch folders with the new ones.


Monday, August 30, 2010

The SuperAnalog808 is ready! Plus a free sample pack.

24 bit/96kHz

Punchy, warm, analog drums with Round Robin Layering. Using high-end outboard and a compulsive attention to detail... this 808 sample set is pure analog drum heaven.

Why have you created another TR-808 sample set? For a start the 808 is one of my favorite drum machines! Secondly I thought I could offer something a little different. This sample pack has been recorded at a higher sampler rate and has extensive Round Robin treatment to recreate the feel and movement of an analog drum machine. The Tape808 used tape to give it extra Mojo... this time I have used some new high end outboard. Tasty...

Is there anything else that is different?
Yes there certainly is. This pack has tuned chromatic BD and Conga patches. So you can play them on your keyboard!

All these formats included with purchase:
Battery 3, Guru, EXS24, Kontakt 3 and Wav


Free Sample pack - Cheetah MD16

The Cheetah MD16 is a 16 bit British drum machine that came out in 1990. Probably one of the ugliest drum machines I have ever seen! However it actually has some rather good drum sounds. Plenty of grit and punch with some rather good electro style sounds.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My next product is nearing completion!

What is it? Well....

The SuperAnalog808.
Here are some highlights:
A choice of 24 bit, 44.1 or 96khz.
Round Robin Layering.
Will include fully tuned chromatic BD and Conga patches. Play them on your keyboard.
Analog outboard used to sweeten and enhance.
Beautiful, punchy 808 drums with super analog sound and movement.

Here are some demos to give you an idea of what it's all about.

Aiming to have it in my store by the end of the month.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm giving a 20% discount on all my products until the end of July.

It's my birthday this month.

To celebrate I'm giving a 20% discount on all my products until the end of July.

Here is the coupon code: hugosbirthday2010


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Video of the drum machines used to create TDM Vol 3.

Excuse the poor audio quality. 128 mp3 just doesn't sound good on bass heavy, sparse audio.

You can hear better audio demos on the product page:


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tape Drum Machines Vol 3 is ready! Plus free Rex files.

Tape Drum Machines Vol 3

What is this product?
12 x Drum Machines give tape love by...
3 x Tape Machines
and 1 analog tape emulator (UBK Fatso)

Who is it for?
Anyone looking for drums with mojo or a retro vibe. Vintage analog and digital drum machines connoisseurs. Producers looking for punchy and solid drum sounds.

Could be used in: Hip Hop, House, Drum & Bass, Techno, Dub Step, Electronica, Electro...

What drum machines were used?
RZ-1, TR-55, XD-5, MFB-522, DDM-110, DDM-220,
DPM-48, RX-21L, R-100, ED-10, PB-300 and the DSM-1.

What formats are supported?
Battery 3 and up, Guru and Wav Pack.

Check out the product page for audio demos and more info:


Free Rex files

Here are some Rex files I created using the TR55 and PB300.
You can download them here:


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tape Drum Machines Vol 3 is nearly ready! Check out some audio demos...

Tape Drum Machines Vol 3 is almost ready for release!

While you are waiting check out some audio demos... and a PDF book containing pictures and info on the gear used.

Audio demos:

PDF book:


Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Refill version of "When Alien Drum Robots Attack!' is ready!

Hey Reason users....

The Refill version of "When Alien Drum Robots Attack!' is ready!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

When Alien Drum Robots Attack! It's here...

Goldbaby's latest product has been unleashed.

What is this product?
Think of it as a drum and FX tool box for electronic music.

Who is it for?
People who make: Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Dub Step, Techno, House, Dub, Break Beat... etc...

What formats are supported?
Battery 3 and up, Guru, EXS-24 and Wav Pack.
Refill to follow... Subscribe to my Blog or follow me on Twitter to be notified when it is finished.

What was used to make it?
Everything in Goldbaby's studio and more!
Using a studio full of vintage and new drum machines, samplers, synths, rack effects, vinyl, tape, real drums and perc, field recordings... this product will give you a huge palette of super solid drums and sweet FX.

Included in this product is also an 808 and 909 given the UBK Fatso treatment!

If that wasn't enough how about some groove elements in Rex format!

Will it impregnate you with Alien Drum Robot technology?

Get yourself some Alien Drum Robot love...

1516 x 24 bit samples
60 x Rex loops
40 x Battery 3 Kits
40 x Guru Bundles
65 x EXS24 Patches

Check out the product page for audio demos and more info: WADRA


Free FX Sample Pack!

I have some FX samples left over from the latest product. So I thought I would give them away. They have been converted to the FLAC audio codec to save space. A text file with instructions on how to convert to wav files has been included. Download them here:


Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

New product and two free sample packs

The FatJuno-6 is ready!

For Kontakt 3 and EXS-24

The Juno-6 was the first in the Juno series of Synthesizers. Released in 1982 it has become a legend for its warm, full sound and lush analog chorus. Intially this synth was going to be part of Fatso Synths Vol 2. However it became obvious early on that this synth, through the UBK Fatso deserved its own product... I'm proud to present The FatJuno-6! Click here to check out some audio demos and more info:

The FatJuno-6 Drums and FX - free sample pack.

Here are some free drums and FX created using the Juno-6 and UBK Fatso: Drums and

The Fat H3500 - free multi-sample instruments!

For Kontakt 3 and EXS-24

I just purchased an Eventide H3500. This effects unit is simply amazing! I can see why it has gained legendary status. What I didn't know... until I got one, was that it could actually generate its own sound. Plug in a midi cable and you can play it! The sound is produced by using short delays with feedback to create resonators which give a sound similar to a resonating string.

I have sampled two patches from the H3500 through the UBK Fatso. It was necessary to do 4 round robin layers for each note sampled as the sound changes each time you hit a note. So the result is kind of organic, albeit in a electronic way...

Anyway enough waffling. Hope you enjoy these unusual sampled instruments.. I am! Download it here:


Friday, January 22, 2010

New Year Discount... until the end of Jan 2010.

To celebrate the beginning of 2010 here is a 10% discount coupon for any of Goldbaby's products.

Coupon Code: happynewyear2010

Valid until the end of Jan 2010.