Sunday, March 7, 2010

New product and two free sample packs

The FatJuno-6 is ready!

For Kontakt 3 and EXS-24

The Juno-6 was the first in the Juno series of Synthesizers. Released in 1982 it has become a legend for its warm, full sound and lush analog chorus. Intially this synth was going to be part of Fatso Synths Vol 2. However it became obvious early on that this synth, through the UBK Fatso deserved its own product... I'm proud to present The FatJuno-6! Click here to check out some audio demos and more info:

The FatJuno-6 Drums and FX - free sample pack.

Here are some free drums and FX created using the Juno-6 and UBK Fatso: Drums and

The Fat H3500 - free multi-sample instruments!

For Kontakt 3 and EXS-24

I just purchased an Eventide H3500. This effects unit is simply amazing! I can see why it has gained legendary status. What I didn't know... until I got one, was that it could actually generate its own sound. Plug in a midi cable and you can play it! The sound is produced by using short delays with feedback to create resonators which give a sound similar to a resonating string.

I have sampled two patches from the H3500 through the UBK Fatso. It was necessary to do 4 round robin layers for each note sampled as the sound changes each time you hit a note. So the result is kind of organic, albeit in a electronic way...

Anyway enough waffling. Hope you enjoy these unusual sampled instruments.. I am! Download it here:


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